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Jolly Roger

The Jolly Roger is a ship that issued as a party boat. The Jolly Roger. Participants can go out onto the boat and enjoy a fantastic experience as they can go on the Jolly Roger island tour. You will definitely be taken back in time as you are able to set sail on the an incredible pirate adventure.

The Jolly Roger cruise last for 4 hours and will provide you with some fantastic views of the island as well as enjoying refreshments provided by the bar. The Jolly Roger also gives you the opportunity to have lunch on board, served up by the captain as part of the “Lunch Cruise” package. The cruise allows you to experience amazing views, whilst enjoying a fantastic meal. Unlimited drinks are also available so you are able to enjoy the renowned “Jolly Roger Rum Punch” whilst on board. There are also two swimming spots during this tour so you are able to swim in the crystalline waters, with amazing views of the bajan wildlife and ship wreckages. The price of this magnificent adventure is reasonable as you are offered a truly amazing experience. The price of this is Bds. $175 (=US$87.50) and $90 (=US$45) for children.

The Jolly Roger is definitely a fantastic experience an you will definitely feel like you are a true Pirate of the Caribbean. The Caribbean dinner cruise and show is definitely the show to go to if you are interested in some night entertainment. The cruise sets sail every Thursday from 7-10.00pm, with the show starting at 6:30pm. Participants will be treated to a truly fabulous show, that involves limbo dancing, fire eating, stilt walking, and an interactive show with theme dancing, beautiful costumes, and the characters Mother Sally and Town Cryer. The night show is a mesmerizing experience as you are able to dine in style with your choice of exotic Caribbean food ranging from Jerk Pork to Baked Chicken buffet dinners. Like the day cruise, drinks are unlimited as you rock the night Caribbean style. The price of the night event is exactly the same as the day cruise, so the choice is yours.

The Jolly Roger Snorkel tour enables you to see the amazing aquatic life of the Caribbean, as you are able to search the sea in the Jolly Roger 2 hour event. Transfer from your hotel is available as you are able to see the tropical fish and feed the incredibly tame Turtles. The snorkeling tour run from 11:00am to 1:00pm, and the event will enable for you to see the amazing wrecks in Carlisle Bay ocean. The tour also enables you to enjoy a tasty lunch and refreshing drinks after you have participates in your snorkeling. This package provides a truly breathtaking experience, as you are able to be up close and personal with the Turtles of Barbados. The Snorkeling package is Bds. $140 (US $70) for adults and Bds. $90 (US $45) for children.

The Jolly Roger also provides many specialty cruises to the public. The Jolly Roger allows riders to walk the plank, so you can get the true Pirate experience. Feel like a wrong do-er as you look down at the depths of the sea. The Jolly Roger also provides visitors with a rope swing so you are able to feel like a Caribbean pirate as you fly through the air “Jack Sparrow” style. Vibrant music is also played whilst travelling. The Calypso tunes will get your feet tapping as you are able to party on the boat with style. The Jolly Roger definitely takes the concept of a part boat to the next level as you are able to enjoy the atmosphere whilst on board. Weddings can also be booked on the Jolly Roger, so if you plan on getting married on the island then the Jolly Roger may be the perfect location for the night event.

Overall, the Jolly Roger is definitely worth a ride, as there is so much to choose from. Whether you want to enjoy an eventful, vibrant night, or you want to swim with Turtles, there is always something extraordinary to do whilst on board. The boat is located on Carlisle Bay in the parish of St Michael, and you wont be disappointed with the once in a life time experience that is brought to you by the Jolly Roger.


Name: Jolly Roger
Location: The Jolly Roger, St Michael

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