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Around the island of Barbados there are a range of different museums that are scattered around the island. Museums in Barbados flaunt the history of the island and create a fascinating day out during your holiday or visit.

The main museum on the island has to be the museum located in the Garrisons area of the island. The Garrisons area is an extremely historic area on the island as the famous “Main Guard” used to be a guardhouse for the British. The museum was formerly a prison ran by the British. The Museum was established in 1933 and has been one of the main attractions in the Garrisons area. The museum is an excellent example of Georgian architecture and the museums courtyard is in particularly stunning. The museum is open from Monday to Saturday and open in the afternoon every Sunday. There is no doubt that the collection of exhibits are wonderfully set out. The museum contains information and artefacts from the first settlers, (thought to be the Amerindians) the slavery times, and the development of the island. The Museum also provides a children’s gallery, so they too can see Barbados’s natural history themselves. There is no doubt that the Museum in Garrisons is the premier museum on the island and a must visit for anyone who is interested in how the bajan culture started.

There are also a variety of different plantation houses to be viewed in Barbados. Like the museum, They provide many with historical knowledge and about the island. One of the most fascinating areas on the island is the Tyrol cot historic home. Then Tyrol Cot history home was the home of the historic Bajan leader Sir Grantly Adams. The house was built in 1854 and was occupied by the Adams family. Surrounding the Tyrol Cot house is the heritage village. The village was set up by the Barbados National Trust and depicts life in 1930’s Barbados. The village includes a Rum shack, a restored Slave Hut, and craftsmen working as you look. When visiting Tyrol Cot village you will really feel as though you are actually in the 1930’s which provides you with a fascinating perspective. Tyrol Cot village is a fantastic place to visit. Located at Wildey, in St Michael, the Tyrol Cot village is a fascinating area to visit for anyone visiting the area. There is an entrance fee and the Tyrol Cot village is open from Monday to Friday (including bank holidays.)

In the parish of St James to the east of Holetown, is the Sir Frank Hutson Sugar Museum. In this museum you are able to get an insight into the sugar industry that was booming in Barbados. Hutson was a skilled engineer and his expertise was in sugar developments. Sir Frank Huston was a pioneer in creating new ways to farm sugar and his dedication towards his work led the museum to be created in his memory. The museum was built in 1880 and has shows the history of the sugar in the island as well as sugar machines that are displayed, which include many bizarre pieces. The exhibit is truly fascinating as you get to see how the sugar was created, during the time when sugar was Barbados primary source of income. Adjacent to the to the sugar museum is the working factory which can be toured during Cane grinding season which usually runs from February to May. This also provides a fascinating insight into the sugar workers and the history of the island. The Sir Frank Hutson Sugar museum is open from Monday to Saturday and includes an entrance fee.

The Sunbry plantation house and museum is a bajan estate that that is more than 300 years old. The house is full of history as many different visitors enter the house to see the sublime preservation of the house. The house has a variety of different relics inside from china antiques to old glassware. However, the house did survive a scare in 1995 where a major fire caused the house to be closed down for a year. Many relics were ruined, however, they did manage to save some items. The house creates a truly wonderful setting as it is surrounded by beautiful mahogany trees. The Sunbury relic is a wonderful location and worth visiting when in the Parish of St Philip. The house is open daily and an entrance fee in required.

Overall, there are a lot of different historical buildings and exhibits in Barbados. Barbados is a truly historical place and there is more to the island than the beaches and watersports. This island has so much to explore and If you are looking for a factual place to visit then this page should help you out tremendously.


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