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Island Geology

Although there are a vast range of different activities and locations to visit on the island of Barbados, the island itself is pretty small. The island has a length of 21.1 miles and a width of 14.9 miles. This is particularly small for a country, however, the natural beauty of the island can not be ignored. The island has an area of 166.0 square miles and the island has an iconic pear shape.

The island has a wide range of different coves on the island which is a result of the islands active geology. Coves such as Harrison’s Cave, and the Animal Flower Cave are popular attractions on the island and have formed over the years offering fantastic scenery to all.

The island of Barbados is known for it’s natural beauty and it’s location and setting is admired by many. Some of the oldest rocks on the island can be found in St Andrew. The parish has a number of aged rocks and is a particular parish that attracts a number of different hikers. Barbados is the most easterly island in the Caribbean and is unlike many of the neighbouring Caribbean islands. Barbados does not include any volcano’s which are featured in the neighbouring islands St Lucia, and St Vincent.

The island of Barbados includes a number of different mounts. There are a wide variety of different walks that take participants across the mainland. There are two iconic mounts on the island that provide an excellent hiking area for many. One of these mounts is Chalky Mount in the parish of St Andrew. Chalky Mount is iconic for clay, and is occupied by a number of different potters. Chalky Mount is a perfect example of Barbados’s geology and a popular attraction to visit. Another mount on the island is Mount Hillaby. Mount Hillaby is the biggest mount on the island and stands at a height of 343 meters. The Mount is an iconic spot for hikers and there is little activity whilst at the top. The stunning views of the island is the only sight whilst at the top of the mount and you will be unable to find any stores or attractions at the top. A single message is displayed at the top of the mount with the inscription “Do Not disturb.” This shows the respect of the Bajans as there is no fanfare surrounding the mountain. It is clear to see that the locals are proud of Mount Hillaby and it’s wonderful scenic location.

Overall, Barbados has an impressive Geography, and it is easy to see why it is regarded highly amongst tourists. From the golden beaches to the wonderfully scenic mounts, Barbados offers so much which includes it’s beautiful geology.


Name: Island Geology

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