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Harbour Lights

Harbour Lights is the club to go in Barbados. Harbour Lights is a beach front club located 5 minutes from Bridgetown, positioned on the Phenomenal beach of Carlisle Bay. Harbour lights is an amazing place to visit after a day on the beach. What better way to celebrate your holiday than enjoying a dance and a drink. Harbour lights provide this luxury to all, as the booming bajan rhythms, and grooves will get you dancing all night long.
Harbour lights put on many different events during the different bajan seasons. However, one of the most popular days to visit the club is the Harbour lights dinner show, which takes place on a Monday and Wednesday from 7pm-10:30pm. The beach extravaganza creates a variety of different entertainment, for its visitors. Entertainment such as Bar-b-Que dinner, spectacular entertainment, free flowing exotic drinks, and transfers from your hotel are included, as you will find yourself partying all night in one of the biggest and most renowned nightclubs in Barbados. There are many different acts that are partaken inside the nightclub. Acts such as live local bands, acrobatic stilt men, fire eaters, limbo dancers, and Caribbean dancers all perform their shows at Harbour Lights. This manages to be extremely popular at the club, with a variety of different holiday makers and locals visiting the club throughout the year. There are also”Free Drinks” nights at Harbour Lights. This can definitely cater for the party animal in your family, as you are able to pay a one off fee for your drinks over the night.
Harbour Lights is one of the best locations to visit in Barbados if you enjoy partying. The club comes alive with a variety of different bajan events, and everybody at the club definitely enjoys themselves. The Barbadan locals are extremely friendly and welcoming and will definitely have a good time with you at the club. The location of the club definitely makes an amazing landscape as the club is located on the Carlisle Beach. This is an amazing location for a nightclub and will definitely not be a familiar experience for you as you can party in the amazing tropical conditions. Overall, Harbour Lights is the vibrant, tropical, location you need to visit. Once you do visit this location you will find it hard not to go back as the infectious bajan vibe is definitely a big vocal point of the island.


Name: Harbour Lights
Location: Harbour Lights, St Michael

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