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Animal Flower Cave

At the northernmost point of Barbados in the parish of St Lucy lies the Animal Flower Cave. The animal flower cave is a truly remarkable location in Barbados, and if you want to explore the vast natural beauty of the island, then going to the Animal Flower Cave is definitely a must.

The Animal Flower Cave’s name originates from the tiny sea creates that once lived in the rock pools. When the sea creatures opened their tentacles they looked like flowers, thus christening the cave the Animal Flower Cave. The cave was first discovered by two Englishmen in 1780. The cave was believed to have started at sea level, however, it now stands six feet above sea level. The reason for this is down the the island of Barbados rising 1 inch per 1000 years.The cave is open daily and an entrance fee is required, however, the beauty of this natural piece of art is unrivaled.

One of the main drawing points to the Animal Flower cave is the magnificent views of the ocean. There are many different gaps in the rocks that look out onto the sea. When looking around the cave the vast sea can be viewed which is quite phenomenal for all. The harsh Atlantic waves also create a wonderful image as you can view them smashing into the rock from inside the cave. Another fascinating factor about the Animal Flower cave is that a plantation used to sit on the grounds. The ground around the cave is barren rock and it is quite hard to imagine that any plantations grew on the rock.

Around the Animal Flower cave, are a variety of different formations, patterns and colours, of rock which will creates a truly wonderful image, as the island flaunts it’s natural beauty. You will be mesmerized by the beauty and intrigue of the cave, as it has stood for thousands of years. The cave’s floor is estimated to be around 400,000 to 500,000 years old. This is staggering as the cave has well and truly withstood the test of time. The cave also possesses many different rock pools. The rock pools are beautiful to behold, and on calm days you may be able to swim in the pool. This is truly mesmerizing and an amazing experience for any visitor to take part in.

Today, Swedish owner Eva Ward, sells a variety of different potent drinks, such as her home-made lemonade, and alcoholic beverages. These drinks are available in a bar just outside the cave, and is iconic as the ceiling is entirely lined with business cards. Eva has become somewhat of a symbol of Animal Flower cave and is loved by all visitors. Eva also sells freshly made sandwiches made with baked salt bread.

Overall, the cave is truly wonderful to behold, and is a must visit for any fan of natural beauty. The cave flaunts Barbados, and shows everyone that there is more to the island than the beaches and “bajan” atmosphere.


Name: Animal Flower Cave
Location: Animal Flower Cave, St Lucy

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