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Bathsheba is a local fishing village that is bursting with heritage. Many generations have lived I Bathsheba and many different wealth people own houses in the village. Bathsheba is located on the east coast of Barbados in the parish of St Joseph. The village is notorious for it’s rugged breeze and will definitely make you feel alive during your stay at Barbados.

Bathsheba is spectacularly open, vast, and wild with many different rocks stretching out on the coastline. In Bathsheba you will not find any luxury cars, or couriers, you will find a fresh breeze and a wonderful, unspoiled location in Barbados. Bathsheba is a big fishing town. Many of the locals live in a strong knit community and love their fishing.

So what can you do in Bathsheba? Well Bathsheba is an untouched masterpiece of natural art. You will be able to stroll by the wonderful pastel painted houses, trek along the wind hills, or walk along the beautiful white coastline. It is also recommended that you visit the Bathsheba park, as it a truly spectacular place to stop and look at the incomparable Bathsheba landscape. In Bathsheba there are no formal attractions, just a vast scenery and a peaceful vibe. Near the village on the surround hills are the green hills of Cattlewash. The name Cattlewash was originated from the cattle on the hills wondering down onto the beach to give birth.

The sea at Bathsheba is definitely not suitable for swimming. The swirling wind definitely makes the sea choppy, and swimming in the sea could result in you getting pulled in. However, the tide at Bathsheba is definitely suitable for surfing. In November when the wind blows form the south, the waves get even bigger, and the annual Bathsheba Soup Bowl takes place. The Soup Bowl definitely generates a big crowd. The Surf Bowl draws in some of the worlds best surfers come to Bathsheba to take part in the event.

Although Bathsheba isn’t the most luxurious location in Barbados, it definitely isn’t deserted. There are a variety of different restaurants that you can go to, to enjoy a meal or an ice cold beverage. One of the more spectacular locations in Bathsheba is the Edgewater Inn. Here you are able to watch the surfers in action, as they hit the waves. All along the coast line there are a variety of different rum shops, guest houses and restaurants.

Bathsheba isn’t usually visited by tourists as much as it should as the village is definitely a wonder to behold. The strong tropical breeze will lead you to feel invigorated. Bathsheba is a perfect place if you fancy a day of walking, as there are many different cliffs and scenic spots to be viewed in Bathsheba. Bathsheba is definitely one of the most painted landscapes in Barbados, with a wide landscape that will definitely encapsulate you. Many of the Barbadan residents go on vacation in Bathsheba, as it is definitely a step away form the hustle and bustle of towns such as Bridgetown, Holetown, and Speightstown. Batsheba is definitely a wonderful place to visit in Barbados, and if you are looking for the perfect place to go on a walk, or to simple enjoy a peaceful stroll along a beach, the Bathsheba is a must visit during your holiday.



Name: Bathsheba
Location: Bathsheba, St Joseph

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