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Gun Hill

Gun Hill is another wonderful scenic point in Barbados. One of the main points of Gun Hill is the white Limestone lion that is sculpted on the cliff. The lion stand 7 ft tall and carries two inscriptions in Latin. The first inscription includes the name of the sculptor (Henry Wilkinson) and the date he completed the project (1868.) There is also an affirmation stating: “He (the British Lion) shall rule form the rivers to the sea, and from the sea to the ends of the Earth.” The lion stand proud on Gun Hill and is a iconic statue on the island.

Gun Hill was previously a signal station and is open from Monday-Saturday with entrance fee required on the door. The signal station itself was originally built in 1818 as part of a chain of signal stations on the island. Only two of these stations still exist. Grenade Hall and Cotton Tower both were constructed as signal stations and built to warn the approach of enemy ships. The message would then be communicated down to the Garrison through semaphore. As Gun Hill had healthy sweeping winds the signal station was used as a place for soldiers to to convalesce after illness, and they were evacuated to Gun Hill at the first sign of yellow fever as there was an epidemic on the island at that time.

Gun Hill was abandoned until 1982 where the Barbados national trust restored the signal station. The Barbados National Trust added many different pieces of Military memorabilia, and the signal station has been praised by many for its incredible view and healthy quality of air. Gun Hill is definitely a must visit location with historian Robert Schomburgk depicting Gun Hill in detail. The following is a short quote from the Robert’s book “A History of Barbados”: “The ridge of the cliff, a continuation of those in St John, traverse St George and reach their greatest height near Gun Hill, where the signal post and a convalescent station for the soldiers of Garrison. The air here is considered very salubrious, and the view from the station, over the rich fertile valley to Bridgetown and Carlyle Bay, is extensive….. no stranger who visits Barbados should omit seeing this spot.” As you can see Robert Schomburgk believes that Gun Hill optimises the beauty of Bvarbados as the wonderful views can be seen from great height.

Gun Hill is a truly picturesque location in Barbados. Everyone who visits the island will tell you that the view is truly magnificent, and definitely worth visiting.


Name: Gun Hill
Location: Gun Hill Signal Station, St George

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