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Orchid World

Orchid World is another location that is truly beautiful. Orchid World was first opened in 1998. After reusing an abandoned Chicken site, world renowned horticulturist Richard Coughlan had the perfect enriching base to create the now known “Orchid World.” Orchid World was developed in a year, and the unused chicken sheds were recycled into shades for the rare myriad species of orchid, that was imported form Thailand. Some of the plants on show were also brought by the local bajan people. There are many different plant that are located at Orchid World. Some of these plants are part of the Vandaceouos family.

Around the island there are a variety of different sign posts that are designed to help tourists with facts about the plants and gardener. You will find the staff who work at the Orchid garden very helpful and they will answer all of your questions and concerns about the tour. The visit is very chilled out, as visitors are encouraged to stroll around the grounds. The orchid world is a magnificent spectacle, especially if the weather is at it’s peak. There is nothing more satisfying than strolling around the Orchid garden on a hot day. The Orchid garden also includes many different benches and gazebo’s located around the attraction. Marriages are also available at Orchid World as couples can be wed in the exuberant Orchid garden.

The Orchid Garden is one of the best spectacles in Barbados with over 30,000 species of orchids spread over a 6 acre property. There are also many different tropical plants at the Orchid Garden. Plants such as Cacti, ferns and palms are lavishly displayed in the garden. The Orchid Garden is a must visit for any flower enthusiasts, and will definitely have you breathless as it flourishes you with it’s visionary wonder.

The Orchid World is located on highway 3B, between Gun Hill and St Johns Church, so it is easy to combine your visits into one day.




Name: Orchid World
Location: Orchid World, St George

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