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Bajan Licences

Like other countries, Barbados requires drivers to acquire a license. This is particularly important if you intend to drive on the island. It is important that you hold a national, or international license if you intend to hire a car whilst on the island. If you intend on driving on the island you need to apply for an island permit. The island offer permits to visitor drivers at the price of $5 for a 2 month period and $50 for a 1 year period.

There are a number of different licenses that are available on the island. The following shows the different licenses that are across the country:

  • Limousine Licence
  • Public Service Vehicle Conductor License
  • Taxi Licence
  • Omnibus License

As you can see there are a range of different licenses that are available on the island and it is important that you acquire your permit whilst driving on the island.

The driving age for anyone wanting to acquire a license in Barbados is 16. Like many different countries the ā€œLā€ registration number has to be shown on the vehicle at all times when a learner driver takes the wheel. There are three licensing offices around the island. Offices are based in the in Holetown in the parish of St James, Oistins in the parish of Christchurch, and The Pine in St Michael. These locations are for anybody who has a enquiry about their permit or licence.

Whilst driving in Barbados it is important that you respect the bajan drivers and are courteous to all. It is vital that you respect the road and abide by the basic road laws. The road tendencies of Bajan’s may differ to what you are used to. Bajan’s usually sound their horn to say hello, or to say thank you. It is important that you stick to the basics whilst driving on the island and not try any risky manoeuvres.

Overall, it is important that you are aware of the licensing rule in Barbados and it is important that you apply for a visitor driving permit when over there.


Name: Bajan Licences

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