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History of Rum

Rum Plays a massive part in Barbados. Rum is the island most popular drinks with the drink having a great tradition. There are many different Rum’s that are made on the island, however, it is the islands iconic Cockspurs and Mount Gay Rum that is revered worldwide. All around the island the locals are finding an excuse to “Fire One” (take a drink) and the island has managed to make a lot of money off it’s Rum manufacture. Bajan’s are notorious rum drinkers as the island drinks 250,000 cases a year which works out at one case per person.

Rum has been in Barbados since the 1640’s and the islands economy boom due to the various amount of sugar created. The word rum is also rumoured to have come from one of Bridgetowns taverns, where excessively drinking it ended in a “Rumbullion”between two different people, (the old English word for brawl.)

Rum is one of the most natural drinks available as it is made from Molasses which is a residue left over in the production of sugar. Barbados Rum is different from other Rum as the locals use a pure water supply that has been filtered using limestone. The Rum is then fermented and and distilled and blended in order to create the flavour. Rum is the only drink to come in a variety of different colours which are: White, and clear, (unaged or kept in stainless steel barrels) and dark and golden brown. Dark rums get heir colour though ageing in oak casks and become a lot more smoother and mellow with their maturity. A dark Ru8m that has been aged for 10 years can include the same complexity as quality Cognac.

Rum can be served in a variety of different ways, whether you want shot of Rum “On the Rocks” or whether you a vibrant blend of tropical flavours mixed in with the beverage, you will be sure to enjoy the national drink. There are a variety of different Rum cocktails on the island with Lime juice, Orange juice, and banana added in order to give a wide range of flavours that complements the Rum superbly. Whether you are looking for a sweet or sour tasting beverage, there will be an option on the island for you.

Overall, the production and consumption of Rum on the island plays a big part. Rum has been existent on the island for a long time and the drink has firmly cemented itself into the bajan culture. When you visit the island it is vital that you try a Rum as it will enable for you to sit back, soak up the sun, and enjoy a truly bajan experience.


Name: History of Rum

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