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It is a well known fact that bajans love their drink. The island is famous for it’s rum production and perfection and wherever you go on the island their wont be a drink that is far away. Beer is also a drink that the local bajans enjoy. The island is famous for it’s Banks brewery which produces the famous Banks beer. Banks beer is imported to a variety of different countries and is an extremely popular beverage on the island.

Banks beer started operating in 1961 and has since then developed into one of Barbados’s leading businesses on the island. Banks beer distributes to the UK and USA and are a truly global company. If you are a fan of beer then it is vital that you try a Banks when on the island as you will be able to try it from its original birthplace. The Banks brewery also offers any visitors the chance to look around the brewery. The Brewery is located in St Michael and is a popular attraction amongst tourists. Visitors are able to look at the beer making process and are able to see how the beer is brewed and bottled.

Carib Larger is also drunk in Barbados. Carib larger has breweries across the Caribbean, and although it is not brewed in Barbaods, many of the locals and tourists enjoy a bottle. Carib beer originated from Trinidad and Tobago and is deeply rooted to the Caribbean way of life and culture. Carib Larger was first created in 1950 and has stood the test of time as it now distributed internationally. Carib Larger is enjoyed by a wide variety of people across the globe and it is especially enjoyable in the warm Caribbean heat.

Piton Beer is also drunk in Barbados. Piton beer was created in St Lucia and is now part of the Windward & Leeward Brewery group who also provide popular brands Guinness and Heineken to the Caribbean. Piton beer is promoted as a mainstream beer and looks to the 18-30 year old market and focuses on people having a good time and making friends. The beer is named after the Gros Piton and Petit piton mountains in St Lucia.

Overall, there are a wide variety of different beers that are popular in Barbados that are different to the standard beers that are available in Europe and America. There is no doubt that you will experience a wide range of different flavours and tastes whilst in Barbados and the different choices of beer will be no exception.


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