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What Clothes To Pack For Barbados

Wondering what clothes to wear in Barbados? Here are some handy hints for you;

  1. NEVER wear camouflage. It’s actually illegal and can be removed from you. Only the army are allowed to wear camouflage here. So when packing, make sure you remove any hats, socks, flip flops or anything else cammo. Leave it at home!
  2. Things bite at night, so cover up! There are mosquitoes and sand flies that like to come out especially after it rains and at sunset hours, so during that time long light clothes are advised with plenty of spray, especially if you know they like to eat you.
  3. The sun is HOT. You might want to come to Barbados to get the most envied tan of the year, but the sun is really hot, especially on a white sandy beach and clear waters, those rays reflect and intensify, so if you are just having a walk around or are spending time on the beach or just chilling by the pool, make sure to keep applying sun cream, but also bring things to cover up with.
  4. Be respectful. Whilst it’s OK to hit the beach in the skimpiest of bikinis and budgy smugglers, we advise that you cover up when off the beach.
  5. Hats and sunglasses are your best friends! Don’t be a fool and think your head and eyelids wont burn to a crisp… it happens. So pack plenty of hats and sunglasses (just watch out for those sunglasses tan lines!) The glare of the sun can be brutal, especially when driving so come prepared!
  6. It does rain here. That is why the island is so green and plentiful, so don’t hate the rain. Most likely it will last for 10 minutes and within another 10 you’ll be dry as a bone again. No need to pack your full rain coat, but don’t be surprised if you get a bit wet.
  7. You’ll need walking shoes too. If like us you can only walk so many miles in flip flops, you’ll be glad of the reminder to pack something a little sturdier, especially if you go off adventuring into the country.
  8. Fancy eats, fancy clothes! If you plan on eating somewhere a little nicer, make sure to check the dress code first. Most upscale places are smart casual, but men have to wear trousers not shorts and shoes not flip flops! Don’t get caught out.
  9. The suns rays penetrate the water too. If you have a UV protection rash guard, bring it. The suns rays will still burn you even if you are snorkelling, so protect your skin!
  10. No one here wears Hawaii shirts! Although you can buy them at pretty much every store on the island, you’ll never see a local in one, so if you intend to blend in… leave the Hawaii shirt at home!

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