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Top Tips For Driving In Barbados

Planning a trip to Barbados and thinking about hiring a car to do some exploring? We’ve compiled some top tips for driving to help you out;

  1. All hire cars on the island have a ‘H’ plate. Taxis are ‘Z’ plates and minivans are ‘ZR’ so you are always identifiable!
  2. Drive on the left side of the road, the same as the UK. Don’t get caught out on your first exit at the airport and end up going backwards down the wrong side of the road.
  3. Lost? Follow the bus stops. They either say ‘to city’ or ‘from city’ so you are either heading towards or away from Bridgetown, that should help you navigate your way back.
  4. Barbados is an island, so you can’t really get lost too badly. But if you can see the sea… follow it. If you have the ‘Caribbean’ sea on your left, you are heading North. If you have it on your right, you are heading South. ‘Atlantic’ sea on your left, headed South and so on and so forth.
  5. Traffic lights don’t always work, so if you see flashing red or orange – proceed with caution, or ‘go if you dare’.
  6. Watch out for potholes! Your car insurance will only go so far, some of the potholes here are like caverns, so go steady on the roads, if you see someone slow down or swerve, do as they do!
  7. Bring your driving license from home. You’ll need it to hire a car and be granted your visitors permit.
  8. When you pull into a gas station (petrol station) there will be attendants there ready to fill up your car for you, simply roll down your window and tell them how much you’d like and they handle the rest, you may even get a complimentary windscreen wipe!
  9. Mini mokes are cool and all, but don’t expect them to get you up the hills without a fight! Make sure to get a car based on your needs for your stay. Jeeps are super practical and will help with the potholes or if you just plan on going to the beach and back – the mini moke is for you!
  10. Stay off your phone, wear a seatbelt and don’t drink and drive!

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