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Bajan Slang

The predominant language that is used in Barbados is English. However, there are a range of different available adaptations that are used in the island. There are a range of different types of adaptations of the English language that is used in Barbados. There are a wide variety of different available types of different areas to visit. There are a wide variety of different adaptations of the English language and will be heard all around the island.

Across the language there is a range of slang that is used. There are a wide variety of phrases that are used. The following shows the top ten phrases that you will likely hear whilst on the island:

1. Aight= alright/ok. Whilst you are on the island there is no doubt that you will a bajans greeting one another with “Aight.” This is a signature greeting for the islands locals and is also infectious. If you are not lucky you will be returning ho,e speaking in bajan slang.

2. Lemme= let me. This is another slag abbreviation, and this time it bonds together the phrase let me. “Lemme” is extensively shouted on the island by many and you will definitely hear it during your stay.

3. Nuse= to use. This word is also slang on the island. When you visit the island this abbreviation will being used a lot. The phrase “nuse” is an abbreviated version of “To use” and one of my favourite on the island.

4. Uh= Pardon?. On the island the locals are extremely friendly, however, not all are polite. This abbreviated version of pardon is used frequently so don’t be offended.

5. Tea= Any hot beverage. On the island the word “Tea” is used to describe any hot beverage. This is a personal favourite as no matter what you are drinking, if it is hot it is a “Tea.”

6. Safe= Ok,Cool, good. Safe is used in a lot of cultures. “Safe” is used instead of Ok, good, and cool.

7. Poppit= idiot. The phrase “Poppit” is described as an idiot. The term “Poppit” is used as fun and games on the island and is another word for idiot. If somebody on the island does call you a “Poppit” then don’t take it as an offence as it will only be playful humour.

8. Onstan= Understand. This is another example of the slang that is used on the island. “Onstan” is vastly used on the island and is used by the majority of people. The word originates from the strong accents that the bajans use.

9. Liard= Liar. Yet again the phrase “Liard” is an abbreviation of the word liar and is used frequently on the island. “Liard” is used by the majority of the locals and a great example of bajan slang.

10. Hag= to bother. The word hag is also frequently used on the island. The word hag means to bother somebody and can be used in a variety of different concepts. “Don’t hag me” is a phrase that can be used and means that the individual doesn’t want to be bothered.

As you can see there is a range of different adaptations of the English language with the slang that is used on the island. Whilst on the island you may not understand certain words that are spoken due to the accent, however, this is normal and you should get used to it as the days go by. The bajan language is another staple of the island as personifies the Caribbean people’s “Laid back” attitude.


Name: Bajan Slang

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