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Barbados National Trust

The Barbados National Park was set up in 1961, with the aim of preserving bajan history. The Trust wanted to protect some of the islands most fragile areas, and architecture. For over 50 years, the national trust has stepped in to buy and restore precious buildings that would have otherwise been demolished. The aim of the national park is to ensure that the future generations of Barbados can enjoy and respect the beauty of the island.

The Barbados National Trust was started by Ronald Tree. Tree was an British MP and he fell in love with the island of Barbados. Tree was a friend and associate of Winston Churchill and after the war he fell in love with the Caribbean, and Barbados especially. Tree had many rich and famous friends, and as he built the now world famous Sandy Lane. Tree had many different famous friends many of which helped him in his fund-raising efforts, as he attempted to purchase half of the Welchman Gully with the government. Since then the trust has gone from strength to strength creating a variety of different fund-raising events in order to diversify and the types of property and land it owns and manages.

The Barbados National Trust owns a lot of different areas around Barbados. The National Trust owns the Botanical Gardens, the Bridgetown Synagogue, the Gun Hill Signal Station, and the Tyrol Cot Heritage Centre, and ensures that theses areas are protected and safe from any danger. The history and heritage is extremely important to Barbados. The past of the island plays a massive part in bajan culture with a variety of different locals celebrating the iconic, most memorable moments from the past. One of the biggest event in Barbados is the Crop Over festival. The Crop Over Festival celebrates the end of the harvest season and originates back to slavery times. This event is sacred, as is a lot of the architecture, and without them, the vibrant atmosphere of the island would be lost.

The Barbados national trust is an extremely important organisation on the Island and vital in the restoration and maintenance of the islands most historic areas. The National trust most recently played a part in the restoration of George Washington’s house, with the National Trust now managing the house. The Bush Hill Tourism Trust, is a non governing board made up of directors from the Barbados National Trust. The trust look after the house and play a big part in maintaining the building.

The Barbados national trust also offers rental opportunities for those who want a special event in a variety of scenic bajan locations. The national trust offers the Gun Hill signal station, Andromeda botanical gardens, and the Tyrol Cot Heritage Village, to anyone who wants a birthday party, wedding reception,or a celebration on the Island.

The Barbados National Trust has a variety of different members form across the globe. The National Trust has a total of 1500 members spread across the world. Many of the National Trust members enjoy free entry to some of the premier national trust locations around the world. Members are able to enjoy free entrance to locations in Great Britain, Canada, USA, Australia, and New Zealand.

The Barbados National Trust also has a variety of different special events that take place. The Barbados national trust offer open house program tours. The open house tour enables people to visit several historic and contemporary houses on the island. The viewings take place on Wednesdays during the months of January to March. The Barbados National Trust also organises Sunday hikes. During the hike you are able to see a side of Barbados that others rarely get to see. Hikes take place on a Sunday and participants are able to see the untapped beauty of the island. The National Trust also conducts Cocktail parties on the top of Gun Hill. The party enables an array of different families to enjoy a drink in the dreamy bajan moonlight.

Overall, the Barbados national trust contributes a lot to the island of Barbados and its visitors. The National Trust ensures that the historic element of the island stays in tact and without it, a big piece would be missing. The Barbados National Trust is apparent everywhere on the island, and is a hugely important organisation to the island.


Name: Barbados National Trust
Location: Barbados National Trust, St Michael

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