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Barbados Newspapers and Radio Stations

Whilst in the island many people immerse themselves into the culture of Barbados. There are a variety of different newspapers and radio stations on the island that will provide you with a cultural experience from the islands, music to the local news.

There are a wide variety of different radio stations on the island. If you choose to hire a car then these stations can be easily accessed and will definitely have you tapping your feet to the smooth rhythms of the bajan music. The following shows a table of the different Radio stations on the island, their frequency, and the town that they are broadcast from:


CBC Radio (AM) 900 The Pine, St Michael News/Music/Events
Christ is the Answer Radio (FM) 90.1 Bishops Court Hill, St Michael Christian
Barbados Broadcasting Service (FM) 90.7 Astoria, St George Adult Contemporary/easy listening
Public Broadcast service (FM) 91.9 Bridgetown, St Michael Educational
BBC Worldwide Service (FM) 92.1 United Kingdom Talk/News/Sport
Voice Of Barbados (FM) 92.9 Bridgetown, St Michael Talk/Sports/Music
CBC Radio (FM) 94.7 The Pine, St Michael News/Music/Events Coverage
HOTT 95.3 (FM) 95.3 Bridgetown, St Michael Under 30/Urban/Reggae/Dub
Mix 96.9 (FM) 96.9 Bridgetown, St Michael Pop/Rock/R&B
Life 97.5 FM 97.5 Bridgetown, St Michael Christian
The One (FM) 98.1 The Pine, St Michael Under 20
SLAM 101.1 (FM) 101.1 Haggatt Hall, St Micheal Soca/Reggae/Dub/Top 40
Faith 102.1 (FM) 102.1 Astoria, St George Christian
Love FM (FM) 104.1 Bridgetown, St Micheal Adult Contemporary
Radio GED (FM) 106.1 Bridgetown, St Micheal College Radio

There are also a wide range of different newspapers that are sold on the island. The following table shows the different types of newspapers on the island:

Name Tabloid/Broad

Barbados Today Newspaper dedicated to offering the latest happenings
The Daily Barbados A Newspaper that explains the latest goings on in the island
The Daily Nation Paper dedicated to reporting national news
The Barbados Advocate Detailed analysis of the islands news
Broad Street Journal A newspaper that specialises in the business sector.
Hansard A publication describing the parliamentary proceedings
Official Gazette Publication from the Barbados Government.

As you can see there are a wide range of different radio stations and newspapers available. Both media outlets will enable for you to embrace the bajan culture. Be sure to check out the media outlets when visiting the island!


Name: Barbados Newspapers and Radio Stations

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