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Chatel Houses

Across the island there are a variety of different Chattel Houses, all of which are painted beautifully and add to the wonderful weather and scenery in the island. The Chattel House Village is a particularly quirky place to visit whilst on the island. The Chattel House village includes a range of differently coloured houses and shops that are available for people to visit. The Chattel House Village includes a range of different features for visitors to enjoy. Features such as: a Cafe, a stationary shop, a salon, an international deli, and a small farmers market which sell a range of different fruit and vegetables. There are two Chattel house Villages on the island, one in Holetown and another located on the St Lawrence Gap. The Chattel House Villages are extremely popular on the island and great visits for families and anyone wanting to see the wide variety of bajan products.

A large amount of bajans live in Chattel houses up and down the island. Chattel houses have been a part of the island since slavery times and after emancipation wooden chattel houses were built for the plantation workers. Chattel houses are still being built today, however, the stone built houses of today incorporate features on the Chattel’s.

There are also a wide range of different hotels that incorporate the different designs of the Chattel houses. Features such as open archways and verandahs have been included in a lot of the hotels across the island in order to give them a distinctive bajan look about them.

Overall, Chattel houses play a big part in the infrastructure and style of the island. Chattel houses have over the years become architecturally recognised as a product of Barbados with a style that is loved by all. Whilst on the island you will be sure to see a range of different Chattels and the Chattel House Village provides a great opportunity for you to look a the beautiful features and designs of the product.


Name: Chatel Houses

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