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There are a variety of different churches around the island of Barbados. Many of the local bajans are extremely religious and feel really strongly about their Christianity roots. Almost all of the schools located in Barbados start the day with a prayer, and many of the local radio stations devote time each day to religion. Newspapers also spread the word of God with a weekly religious newspaper newspaper column entitled “Gospel Bag.” The local bajans are passionate as religion and it plays a massive part in the islands culture. Churches play a significant part in the island with many of the local residents attending service every Sunday. The following shows the different churches around the island and their significance to bajan culture:

St Andrew’s Church

St Andrews church is located to the north of Bellplaine and makes up one of the eleven parishes of Barbados. The St Andrew Church was one of the churches that survived the 1831 hurricane. The Hurricane in 1831 created havoc for the locals. Barbados was struggling financially at the time and the hurricane made things event worse. A lot of the islands churches were damaged during the natural disaster, however, St Andrews Church survived. However, the Church was very dated and was unable to repair during 1842. In 1846 the Church was completely rebuilt. The Church was named after the patron saint of Scotland St Andrew. The saint who is also the basis for the name of Barbados’s highest national award “The Order of St Andrew” is regarded extremely highly in Barbados with the whole parish being named after him. The Church itself actually resembles an English Church, and has a Gothic style structure. The Church is surrounded by Mahogany trees and is an idyllic setting for a Church in Barbados. The Services at the Church common-sense on Sundays at 8:00am, Tuesdays at 7:00am, Thursdays at 7:00am. Overall St Andrew’s Church is a marvellous location and it’s beautiful Gothic architecture will have you amazed.

St George’s Church

St Georges Church is located in central Barbados and adds to the beautiful Churches of the island. The Church is located near Charles Rowe Bridge and it’s architecture is a wonderful mix of Gothic and Georgian styles. The Church was originally built in 1784 after the 1780- hurricane had ripped through the island. The Church has been standing ever since making it the oldest ecclesiastical building on the island. The Church is still standing today after surviving a hurricane in 1831. One of the main attractions in the parish of St George is Gun Hill Signal Station. Gun Hill Signal Station was a former military station for the British soldiers. A great limestone lion is located on the top of the hill that was sculpted by the adjutant general Henry Wilkinson. The signal station is one of the islands main attractions with a lot of tourism travelling to the top of the hill to see the statue and signal station. Overall St George’s church and the parish itself flaunts the natural beauty of inland Barbados and is definitely a must visit.

St James Church

St James Church is located on west of the island.. St James Church was originatively built using wood in 1628 not long after the first settlers had arrived. It was then replaced by stone in 180. However, in 1874 after being severely damaged by a hurricane the Church had to be built again where extended columns and arches were added. In the 1980’s more renovation was done until it looked like what it does today. There has been many items from the Church that have been found form the 1600’s. An old bell believed to have been brought by the settlers has survived to this very day. The bell has “God Bless King William” inscribed on it and is visited by many across the globe. The Church also hold a mural of the late Sir John Gay Alleyne (1724-1801.) Alleyne was a speaker at the House of Assembly in I the late 1700’s. Alleyene was radical, but he was undeterred by criticism. Sir John Gay Alleyne was recognised by making the barbadan parliament a much more effective instrument of government. Sir John also believed in freedom of speech, and free access to their representative in government. Sir John owned a plantation house in St James and will always be remembered in the parish of St James. There are a variety of different services that take place in St James Church which are quite interesting to attend. The following shows the different services that take place in St James Church:

Sundays: 7:15am (Holy Eucharist)
Sundays: 9:00am (Sung Eucharist)
5th Sunday: 8:00am (Refreshments are served afterwards)
Sundays: 8:00am (Sunday School)
Mondays: 4:30pm (Prayer Group and Bible Study)
Tuesdays: 7:30 (Holy Eucharist)
Wednesdays: 9:30am&7:15pm (Bible Study)
Thursdays: 7:30 (Holy Eucharist)

St John’s Church

St Johns Church is an extremely historic and visual. The Church is set upon a cliff overlooking coastal St John and the rough Atlantic ocean. St John’s Church has received a torrid time over it’s history. The Church was believed to be built as early as 1660, however, it was destroyed by a fire. The Church was then rebuilt and and destroyed by the hurricane of 1831. The building that stands today was erected in 1836 and has stood ever since. One of the most beautiful attributes of the Church is the pulpit. The pulpit was built from 6 different types of wood. The types of wood that was used during the construction were: ebony, locust, mahogany and machineel from Barbados and some imported Oak and Pine from overseas. Inside the Church is also a sculpture depicting the Madonna and Child with the infant St John. This was carved by Sir Richard Westmcott (The sculptor of the Lord Nelson Statue), and adds real beauty to the Church. St James Church is one of the most beautiful Churches on the island and is definitely worth a visit if you are on the west of the island. There are an array of different services that are conducted in St Johns Church, the following shows these services:

7:00am (Said Mass with Hymns and Sermon)
7:00am (3rd Sunday Sung Mass and Sermon)
8:00am (Sung Mass) 5th Sunday
9:00am (Christian Education & Sunday School)
9:15am (Sung Mass and Sermon with Matins on 4th Sunday)

6:30am (Matins/Mass)

10:00am (Mass at Church army chapel)

4th Saturday
6:00pm (Said Mass)

St Lucy’s Church

St Lucy’s Church was one of the first 6 churches on the island of Barbados. It’s original building was already in existence since 1629 and was also torn down by the 1831 hurricane. St Lucy’s Church has had it’s fair share of tragedies over the past few years as the Church has had to have been built a total of four times and the locals deserve credited for the work that they have done. The Church has had to been built St Lucy is the only parish in Barbados that is named after a female patron saint, and the parish also claims to be the location of the birthplace of Barbados’s first Prime Minister Errol Walton Barrow. St Lucy’s Church is quite a large church with 750 seats installed into the church. During the constant tragedies the glorious marble baptism font was able to survive. The marble font bears the inscription “Given by Susana Haggatt 1747,” and now stands on a pedestal in the Church. Overall, St Lucy’s Church is a wonder to behold. Over the years the locals have shown their dedication to their religion by constantly building the Church after natural disaster, and the Church is definitely worth a visit.

St Peter’s Church

St Peter’s Church is located near Speightstown and was one of the first churches on the island as it was first built in the 1630’s. The Church was one of only three churches that managed to survive the hurricane of 1780, along with All Saints Chapel and St Andrew’s Church. However, the Church was not so lucky in the 1831 hurricane as the hurricane ripped the Church down. The Church was later rebuilt in 1837. When rebuilt St Peters Church looked impressive. The Church was situated on 3402 square feet and followed the Georgian style of Churches that was popular at the time. The Church stood well into the 20th century until tragedy struck as the Church was largely destroyed by a fire. This was a sad time for the parish of St Peter as a lot of the interior had been destroyed. However, the Church got rebuilt costing a grand total of $750,000.00 bajan dollars. St Peter’s Church stands as the local Church for many of the Speightstown children. The Church plays a big part in the community as many congregate and pray to the lord. The Church is also notorious for it’s flower festival. Every year the locals fill the Church with an amazing array of different tropical plants. This creates a truly memorable image as the whole Church is cascaded with a variety of different plants. There is no doubting the tropical beauty of Barbados and it is a truly wonderful piece of architecture . The following are the service times at the Church:


7:30am- (Holy Eucharist)
8:00am- (Sunday School)
9:15am- (Sung Eucharist)
7:00pm- (Evensong)


7:30am- (Holy Eucharist-St Nicholas)


9:30am (Holy Eucharist-St Peter)

St Philip’s Church

St Philips Church is located in the home to the largest parish on the island. The Church creates an amazing location with beautiful mahogany trees sweeping with the amazing Barbados breeze. The Church was first built in the 1600’s however, like many of the other Churches on the island it fell victim to the Hurricane of 1780n and 1831. However, the local bajans showed their persistence and rebuilt the Church on two consecutive after the aftermath of the hurricane. The Church then received a relatively calm spot until the Church caught fire in 1977. This partially destroyed the Church with many of the locals desperately struggling to put the fire out. This again caused the Church to be rebuilt to as it stands now. However during the fire the Church somehow managed to regain the records. However, a lot of damage was done and a lot of fine monuments and pieces of art was destroyed in the blaze. The Church had to be reconstructed for the third time to how it stands today. The Church now combines both traditional and modern elements, which gives the Church undoubted character. St Philip’s Church is quite possible one of the most scenic locations on the island with a variety of different, interior and exterior pieces of art. The Church is visited by many simply due to it’s beauty and when you visit Barbados, the Church will provide you with a truly visionary experience that you will not forget. The following shows the different services available at St Philips Church.


7:00am (Said Eucharist & Sermon)
9:15am (Sung Mass & Sermon)
Last Sundays – 6:00pm (Evensong/Mission service
Sunday School- 7:30am (Every 1st 2nd & 4th Sunday)
Third Sunday- (Sunday school shares corporate worship)


10:00am (Said Eucharist)

St Thomas Church

St Thomas Church is one of the most historic Churches on the island as it was one of the original parishes of the island. The Church that currently stands is the fourth Church in the area as it too has had its fair share of different tragedies. The original Church was built in 1629 however, the Church has fell victim to two hurricanes that ravaged through the Church. Th Hurricanes of 1780 and 1831, damaged almost every Church in Barbados, with major reconstruction needed. The current Church has been rectified since 1836 and has stood ever since. The Church’s appearance is similar to St Peter’s parish Church as both less Gothic in design than some of the other Churches around the area. The Church is very quaint and definitely worth a visiting when in the St Thomas parish. One of the main features of the Church is the various different organisations that take place in the Church. The Church is home to organisations such as: The Mothers Union, Health Group, Prayer Group, The Flower Guild, The Mens Fellowship, and Online Facebook group. St Thomas has focused on bringing the 21st Century into the Christian religion. The Church provide online services for the locals to listen to. In the 21st Century going to Church has become harder and harder as people are more busy, however, the Church has counteracted this by providing easy accessible services online. All visitors are welcome online or in the Church. The following shoes the different services that take place at St Thomas Church:

Sunday- 7:00am, 9:00am, & 6:00pm

St Joseph Church

St Joseph Church has arguably the best views of any Church in the island of Barbados. The view is far reaching with glorious views of the Scotland district. Many are able to see the crashing waves of the Atlantic from the Church. The parish of St Joseph has a reputation for being one of the most Prettiest on the island. The natural beauty of the place creates a wonderful location for any holiday maker, and the Church adds to the charm of the parish. The Parish of St Joseph was originally joined with the parish of St Andrew until they split between 1652 and 1653. The Church was built in 1641 and actually survived the great hurricane of 1780. However, The Church wasn’t so lucky the second time and like so many others in the island, was completely destroyed by the infamous 1831 hurricane and had to be rebuilt. The Church is a brilliant place to visit as you will be blown away with the amazing views of the coast. However, the Church has recently had to shut down due to damage from landslides in the surrounding area. This is a great shame as the Church is one of the most scenic of any Church on the island. Huge cracks in the walls along with a collapsed floor made the Church a potential hazard for visitors. This has resulted in many who were passionate about Christianity, to travel to Bathsheba to worship at St Aidan Angelican Church. However, a proposed new Church is being planned not too far from the it’s previous location. St Joseph’s Church is definitely worth visiting as it is situated in a truly dreamy location on the island offering an amazing view. The old Church will not be abolished and will be available to see as it is part of the islands “Classical Historical Ruins.” Before the Church was abolished a deconsecration took place, with the religious rite being removed from the building.

St Michaels Cathedral

St Michael’s Cathedral is located in the capital of Barbados. The Church was originally built in 1628 on the site of the now know St Mary’s Church. The Church was created using wood, and over time this had rotted resulting in a new Church and a new location. The Church was moved to it’s current location in 1641. However, the Church was made of wood again, and was very small in comparison to what it is today. However, the population of Bridgetown was increasing and the Church was struggling to fit all of the visitors into the Church. Soon the great 1780 hurricane had hit the island with many of the local resident devastated as Barbados was extremely poverty stricken at the time. The Church was then restructured in order to cater for the increase in population. The Church was much grander than before with a seating capacity of 3000. St Michael has some truly remarkable architectural elements. The Church still commands over the city after hundreds of years and is a defining structure in the city. The St Michael Cathedral is a simply wonderful location to visit and is the premier religious building in Barbados. The Following are the services that take place on the island:

7:15am (Holy Communion and Sermon)
9:00am (Sung Eucharist and Sermon)
9:00am (Sunday School) except on 1st Sunday
11:00am (Choral Matins) except on 1st Sunday
12:10pm (Shortened Eucharist) except on 1st Sunday
6:00pm (Evensong and sermon)

12:15pm (Holy Communion)

9:45am (Holy Communion and Service)

12:15pm (Holy Communion)

12:15pm (Lecture)

Christ Church Parish Church
Christ Church parish Church is another extraordinary church located in the island. The Church is located in the south of the island which is a particularly popular spot for tourists. The Church was originally built around 1629 and was located on close to the Dover Beach. However, the Church didn’t last long as it was flooded in 1669 and the Church, along with many different graves were washed away into sea. A second Church was then built in it’s current location, however, this Church fell victim to the great 1780 hurricane. The hurricane was devastating with 4,500 people loosing their lives. The Church was reconstructed for the third time in 1786, and yet again it was destroyed by a the 1831 hurricane that hit the island. However, the Church was yet again rebuilt only to be demolished by fire. The determination of the local bajans shone through and rebuilt the church that is standing today. The Church has a mysterious past with the case of the Chase Vault where two locked tombs had moved repeatedly. Mystery is definitely found at the Christ Church parish Church and it will definitely provide you with a mysterious visit. The Church is regarded as a favourite amongst many of the locals and definitely a must visit when in southern Barbados.


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