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In order to explore Barbados fully it is important that you have a good method of transportation. One of the best ways to travel around the island is via car. Many people get into taxis in order ot travel to their desired location, however, this can work out to be more costly than hiring a car. Many visitors of the island rent cars from the island in order to explore the island fully. There are many different rent-a-car companies in Barbados, allowing visitors to travel across the island in order to see the vast range of different sites. There are many different rules that apply when it comes to getting around the island in the car. The following are some of the basic rules regarding driving and it is important that you follow them with caution:

  • The national speed limit on all highways: 50mph/80kph
  • The national speed limit on all major and minor roads: 30mph/50kph (inner city 25mph:/40kph)
  • It is important that seat belts are worn at all times when driving in Barbados.
  • There are no rules on drink driving, however, it is important that you pay proper attention to the road. You may also find that your insurance will not cover the cost of the vehicle if you get into an accident.
  • Just like any other county, Barbados fuel is available from an array of different spots on the island with varying opening times.
  • In the event of an accident contact your rental agency who will repair or replace your vehicle.
  • To rent a car you must be over 21 and under 75, and bicycles and mopeds are available to rent.
  • It is important that you bring your driving license with you for obvious reasons.
  • Usage of the horn is also different in Barbados. The use of the horn is used positively in Barbados. If somebody has given way to you then the sound of the horn is usually used as a thank you.
  • Bajans drive on the left hand side of the road, so if you are not used to this, it is important to become prepared.

These rules are important to follow as it is important not to cause any accidents by dangerous driving. If you are planning to rent a car then it is vital that you know about the driving permit. A Barbados driving permit costs $5US dollars for a two month period and $50USD for a year period.

There are a variety of different car rental opportunities available, from sturdy jeeps to hatchbacks, there is a car available for anyone. The following shows the different rent-a-car companies in the area:
A-team auto mobile rentals
Southern Rentals
Courtesy Rent-a-Car
Access-Stoutes Car Rentals
Top Class Car Rentals
Quest Rent-a-Car
A B C Deals car rental
Direct Car Rentals
Xquisite Car Rentals
Fat Jacks Vehicle Rentals
Avant-Garde Luxury Car Service
Voyager Rent A Car
Top Car Rentals
Quality Car Rentals
Venture Car Rentals
National Car Rentals
GL Rentals
Chelsea Motors
Executive Rentals
Jones Garage Car Rentals
Bajan Car Rentals
Leisure Rentals
Express Rent A Car
Sunny Isle Sixt

There are many different roads in Barbados however, the main highway is called the ABC Highway. The ABC highway stretches from Christ Church to St Michael and is named after some of the countries top politicians Addams, Barrow, and Cummings. They were some of the islands most influential leaders and is a fitting tribute to their legacies.


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