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Emancipation Day

Emancipation day is a national holiday for residents of Barbados. Emancipation day commemorates the abolishment of slavery and is celebrated all around the country. Many different speeches and performaces take place during the event with the whole nation uniting together. Emancipation day is celebrated on August 1st. Slavery in Barbados was said to have been headed by a slave named “Bussa” who is regarded as a national hero in Barbados. There is a statue of “Bussa” in Bridgetown. The statue shows “Bussa” breaking free from the shackles. Emancipation is celebrated throughout Barbados during the Crop Over season. Many of the residents of Barbados join together in feasts and a variety of different performance to celebrate their freedom. Visiting Barbados during this time will provide you with a truly breathtaking experience as many of the islands residents parade the Bajan streets. More can be found out about emancipation at the Barbados museum at Bridgetown. The museum provides many different pieces of artwork depicting slavery in Barbados and its abolishment. Emancipation day is a marvellous time to visit Barbados, with a variety of different activities to partake in. The local’s love celebrating with the islands visitors, so there is no reason not to join in with the festivities. During Emancipation day the weather is usually hot, however, it is during the islands rain season so you may experience the odd downpour. However, you should not let this put you off as the vibrant scenery of the celebration will blow your mind.

Visiting Barbados during the Crop Over season is a wonderful time to visit. You will find yourself enjoying the delights of Bajan culture. You will fully experience the “Caribbean” way of life which will definitely be different to what you are used to. Barbados is alive with culture during the event and is definitely a must visit for any tourists looking into visiting Barbados.


Name: Emancipation Day

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