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Barbados has a rich history when it comes to military. There are a range of different relics and architecture that still exist on the island from those very days.

One of the pieces of architecture that still remains is the Barbados Military Cemetery. The Barbados Military Cemetery dates back from 1780 and has been well maintained throughout the years and is still used. The cemetery was originally used as a graveyard for the British military on the island and is located near Needham’s point. The Military Cemetery is available to visit as you are able to see the vast range of different gravestones and tombs. The Cemetery is open from 9:30 until 3:30 and offers free admission (with donations accepted.)

Another historical military area on the island is the Garrisons Savannah. The Garrisons Savannah is located in the parish of St Michael and offers a vast range of military memorabilia. The Barbados Museum used to be some British barracks and have been transformed with different exhibitions. You are able to see the wide amount of different history on the island whilst in the museum. A historical cannon is placed outside the museum so you can get a feel of the military presence that was once on the island.

Another area on the island that has historical significance is St Ann’s fort. St Ann’s fort is located to the south of the Garrisons Savannah and construction was believed to have taken place in 1704 and was never finished. Today, only the main structure is left creating a simpler style to what was originally thought. The fort was used for the British military and played a big part on the area. Today there is still some military involvement on the island with the current Barbados Defence Force still partaking drills at the fort.

Another area on the island has a significant military presence is the Gun Hill Signal Station. The Gun Hill Signal Station is located in the parish of St George and was originally a signal station used by the British. Gun Hill is an iconic landmark in Barbados as it includes a white Lion at the top of the hill. The signal station has since been restored with a wide range of military memorabilia being located in the station. The station shows Barbados’s strong military past and provides many visitors with an excellent attraction each year.

As you can see Barbados has a strong military history, and this has been glorified with inclusion of the various island attractions. It is extremely clear to see the great history on the island and you will definitely see how it has developed over the years whilst on the island.


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