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Across the island of Barbados there are a wide range of different parishes. The residents of Barbados are extremely religious and each parishes includes a Church. Each parish has many different features and locations all offering something a little bit different. The following shows the different parishes across the island, and some of the parishes main features:

St Lucy

St Lucy is the most northern parish on the island of Barbaods. St Lucy is famous for it’s powerful waves and there are a large amount of different sea caves that have been created by strong Atlantic tides. One of these caves is the famous Animal Flower Cave. The Animal Flower Cave is a truly marvellous location as you are able to look out to sea whilst inside. The amazing gaps in the rocks create a fantastic vision for all with the flower cave showing it’s natural beauty. The Flower Cave also includes many different internal rock formations that have been coloured. These rocks have been coloured by the copper and iron in the rocks oxidizing.

St Lucy is the only parish on the island of Barbados that is named after a women, as Every other parish on the island is named after male saints. One of the most visual places on the island is the St Lucy parish Church. The Church was one of the six original Church’s on the island and is attended passionately by many. The Church holds around 750 people and services are often attended by many. The dedication of the residents of St Lucy also has to be admired. The church has been knocked down 4 times throughout its years of operation, however, the local members of the parish of St Lucy resurrected each time, showing their determination.

The Parish of St Lucy boasts the fact that the islands first ever Prime Minister (Errol Barrow) was born there. St Lucy is a raw island in Barbados and is definitely one to explore. The strong waves and beautiful scenery make the parish a wonderful place to visit on the island.

St Peter

St Peter is located in the north of the island and creates and is home to the wonderful town of Speightstown.

St Peter has an array of different beaches in the parish with Mullins bay being an excellent location for many to visit.

St Peter’s Church is the vocal point in the island with many different residents in the parish travelling to the Church every Sunday, Tuesday, and Wednesday in order to pray. The Church is located in Speightstown and includes some amazing furnishings. However, the Church has been knocked down a total 3 times with the fourth structure still standing. Two hurricanes and a fire had ravaged the Church, however, like St Lucy’s Church, the residents prevailed and built the Church again. The Church is a wonderful area and is definitely worth looking around when visiting Speightstown.

The biggest town in St Peter is the famous Speightstown. Speightstown is one of the premium location on the island with a range of different attractions to go to. Speightstown was the first major port in Barbados and was the first commercial centre. Speightstown is a beautiful location for all with the reconstructed port and the thriving market creating a brilliant location for all. The town has managed to redevelop it’s attractions as well as maintaining it’s historic charm. Speightstown is probably the best location to go in St Peter due to it’s incredible atmosphere and attractions.

St Peter is also home to the Barbados Wildlife reserve creating an amazing attraction. The Wildlife reserve located in Farley Hill National Park holds many different animals that are available to view. One of these animals is the iconic Green Monkey. The Green Monkey is loved by many on the island and fascinating to watch in their natural habitat. Other caged animals such as birds and reptiles can also be viewed at the reserve. The reserve also reveals the islands natural beauty with a vast range of trees and wildlife on show.

Overall, there are a variety of different areas to visit in St Peter with the island showing some of the amazing areas on the island, there is no doubting that St Peter is a wonderful parish to visit.

St Andrew

St Andrew is another excellent location on the island of Barbados. St Andrew is situated in the north of the island and is one of the most naturally stunning areas on the island.

One of the most fascinating spots in the parish is Chalky Mount. Chalky Mount is one of the premier spots for pottery on the island. Visitors are able to walk up to Chalky Mount and enjoy seeing pottery being made first hand. Chalky mount has a lot of history, however, the pottery scene is slowly moving into the capital of Bridgetown leaving up and coming potters forced to move south in order to make a living.

Another primary location in St Andrew is the Church. St Andrews Church is a wonderful location on the island. Surrounded by beautiful mahogany trees the amazing St Andrews almost looks like a traditional English Church as it has a very Gothic design. The Church is an amazing spectacle for all and the quaint location of the Church expresses the outlook of the parish where a laid back attitude is displayed. The Church is extremely elegant and a great location to visit whilst in St Andrew.

St Andrew is an excellent place to visit if you are searching for a relaxing area of the island to visit. St Andrew is a tranquil area on the island with and a location that will relive you of your stresses and strains.

St James

St James is located in the West of St James. The parish is famous for it’s glamorous location. St James is home to Sandy Lane which is regarded as one of the most glamorous locations on the island with celebrities such as Simon Cowell visiting. Sandy Lane offers the best of everything from restaurants to spa’s, the area has it all.

St James is also home to the St James Church. The Church is located in the Holetown area and is a wonderful place to visit on the island. The date that the first Church was built is unknown, however, it is said that the Church was built before 1668. St James Church is home to some extremely old artefacts. The Churches bell is the oldest in Barbados however there is also an interesting story behind the bell. The bell was broken in 1881 and was sent for repairs, but a very generous member of the church donated a new one to the parish. However, the historical value of the Churches bell was not lost and the bell is still on the island today. The bell bears the inscription “God Bless King William” and is one of the islands most historic pieces of architecture.

There are a variety of different activities to take part in the parish of St James. One of the best locations is the Limegrove cinema. The Limegrove cinema is one of the best places to go to on the island with a variety of different films on show. The cinema offers a luxurious experience for all. The parish is also home to the Barbados polo club on Horders hill. Here you can see the polo players in action as they test their skills against one-another. Polo is a popular sport on the island and is fascinating to watch.

Overall, St James is a premium location and a definite must visit for anyone on the island. The parish is a popular location and enjoyed by all.

St Joseph

The parish of St Joseph is located on the eastern area of the island. St Joseph is one of the most naturally beautiful areas on the island as the parish is home to the Andreoma Botanical gardens and the Flower forest.

The main area of St Joseph is the town of Bathsheba. Bathsheba is wonderful area on the east of the island. Bathsheba is know for it’s rugged waves and is definitely a wonderful location in St Joseph. The residents of Bathsheba are mostly fishermen and women, and is a laid back community with rum shop and restaurants on the coast. The island comes alive with the crashing waves across the sea. The area flaunts the natural beauty of St Joseph and is definitely a must visit for anybody.

One of the main attractions of the island is the Andromeda Botanical gardens and the Flower forest. The Andromeda botanical gardens and the flower forest offer many the chance to view the range of different tropical plants on the island. The gardens and flower forest are definitely great locations for anyone to view.

The St Joseph Church is also a location that must be view when in the parish. The St Joseph Church was regarded as one of the prettiest locations on the island as it is located two miles up Cleaver hill. The Church overlooks the Atlantic ocean and is an extremely scenic location for a Church. However, you are unable to set inside the Church as it had to be closed in 2010 after internal damage. A large crack appeared in the walls and floor of St Joseph Church which was unrepairable. This created a lot of problems for the locals and the Church had to be abandoned. However, the island do have plans to build a new Church ion a similar location. The old Church is still available to view and you will agree that it is a great location for all to view.

Overall, the parish of St Joseph is without a doubt a beautifully scenic location. The parish has wonderful views of the vast Atlantic ocean and the natural beauty of the island is staggering. The parish is a perfect visit for anybody wanting to experience the quiet side of bajan life without the hustle and bustle of the bigger towns such as Oistins and Bridgetown.

St Thomas

St Thomas is another location that is a wonderful setting on the island. St Thomas is located in the centre of Barbados and has a fantastic scenery. Although it may seem that there isn’t much to do in the parish, the parish definitely has a lot of natural beauty and is a great area to relax and enjoy the gleaming barbadan sun.

One of the greatest locations on the island is Harrisons Cave. Harrisons Cave is one of the most popular locations on the island with many guests visiting the cave to see the range of different rock formations and wonderful scenery. Harrison’s cave was explored in the 1970’s and a wonderful location for many. The ranging stalagmites and stalactites create a marvellous spectacle for all to enjoy. Harrison’s cave is a beautiful location for every guest. Harrison’s cave is made from limestone and provides many with an excellent location for all involved. Harrisons Cave is also a factual journey as you are able to see the range of different facts on the wall of the cave whilst walking around. Harrison’s cave is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Barbados with many tourists travelling from all over the island go into the cave and it is definitely a must visit whilst in the St Thomas area.

The Church is also a great feature in the parish. St Thomas Church provides many of the residents with a local place to worship, and is a beautiful place to visit for any tourist. The St Thomas Church provides a lot for the local residents with events such as “The Mothers Union” and “The Prayer Group.” These groups are set up to help the different people in the community which is a touching sentiment for the parish of St Thomas. St Thomas has also been victim to many different hurricanes that have plagued the island. The Church was rebuilt twice until it was finally built to what it is today in after the hurricane of 1831. The Church is a commanding structure and can be seen from the nearby highway. St Thomas Church has also updated into modern technology. St Thomas Church now displays services online so anybody who is busy can view the service using their internet. This is the first Church to do so in the whole island, which is a major milestone. The Church is definitely worth a visit as you will be able to explore the vast area inside the Church and marvel at the beauty of the interior.

Overall, St Thomas is a great location in Barbados. The parish is a calm area with a huge amount of natural beauty on show. The Garrison’s cave will excite you, the luscious greens will awaken you and the wonderful Church will consume you. There is no doubt that St Thomas is a wonderful location on the island.

St John

St John is located on the the east of the island and is notorious for it’s beautiful Church and architecture. There are not many activities available on the island however, there is plenty of room for exploration as the structures provides some magnificent sights.

The vocal point of the parish is the Church. St John Church is famous for it’s immaculate grounds and wide views of the east coast. Many historians believe that the Church was constructed in 1645 making the Church one of the oldest on the island. The first wooden structure of the Church was apparently burnt down by a fire and replaced in 1660 when the construction of a stone building had begun. The Church was also greatly affected by two hurricanes on the island that tore the nation apart. Both of which destroyed the Church leaving the locals devastated. However, the church was then reconstructed to what it is today in 1836. The Church is Gothic inspired and a truly wonderful location for all. One of the main features of the Church is the pulpit that is carved out of six different types of wood. The Pulpit is a beautiful site on the Church and if an expectational type of holiday is what you are looking for, then visiting St John’s Church is the place to visit.

St John is limited in terms of attractions however, St John is home to the oldest primary school on the island of Barbados. The school was built over 100 years old and is an extremely historic school. The parish is a very tranquil part of the island as the surrounding beaches are white and the attitude being calm. St John is a wonderful area on the island to kick back and relax away from the busy areas on the island.

St George

St George is located in the middle of Barbados. St George is a naturally stunning area on the island as it is home to the iconic Gun station hill. St George is also home to the famous Orchid world and the famous parish church.

One of the main attraction in St George is the Gun Hill Signal Station. The signal station used to be a station for the British when they inhabited the island. The British had occupied the island during the times of slavery on the island and the Gun Signal Station. The Gun Hill Signal Station is know owned by the Barbados national trust who have developed the station over the years. The Gun Hill Signal Station has a collection of military memorabilia and the statue of the white lion is a memorable feature of the island as it stands overlooking the island. The Lion is overlooking the island and is calved completely out of stone. The lion stands at 7 feet and and is marked with the “He shall rule from the rivers to the sea, and from the sea to the ends of the earth.” The Gun Hill Signal Station is one of the most popular areas on the island and one St Georges primary assets.

The Orchid World is another location in St George that is definitely worth a visit. The Orchid World contains a variety of different tropical plants from all over the world. The Orchid World contains wonderful scenery and is perfect if you fancy a scenic stroll. The Orchid World also offer weddings with the garden. The picturesque location offers potential bride and grooms an opportunity of a lifetime as they can tie the knot in St George.

The Church in St George is also magnificent. Many are unsure to when the Church was first built as the Church’s records were destroyed after the hurricane of 1780. The Church was ravaged by the hurricane and the whole island was shook. However, after four years the Church was rebuilt. The Church is of Georgian style and is immaculately kept. The Church also posses an extremely powerful picture of Jesus Christ in the Church. This picture shows Jesus in command and the painting is one of the most recognisable pictures in Christianity. The Church is wonderfully scenic and definitely worth a visit when in the parish of St George.

Overall St George is a beautiful location in Barbados. The parish possesses a lot of natural beauty with a whole range of activities to participate in. The Parish is one of the most visionary on the island and definitely worth looking around whilst on holiday.

St Philip

The parish of St Philip is located at the most eastern area of the island. St Philip has the largest area of land on the island however, there aren’t any towns located in the parish. The main area of ST Philip is Crane Beach. Crane Beach is one of the premier beaches on the island and a brilliant area to go whilst on the island.

Crane beach is considered by many as one of the best beaches in the world. The beach is absolutely immaculate and the powerful waves attract lot of water sport enthusiasts. Crane beach is also home to one of the oldest resorts on the island with holiday makers from all over the world travelling to St Philip. The beach was first used by the British to load and off load ships, however, it has now become a tourist powerhouse and is one of the most popular areas to visit. The beach is golden and has been included in the best beaches in the world by magazine “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous.” The beach is glorious, however, during weekends it can get busy with many locals and residents flocking to the beach. The Crane hotel gets many different married couples visiting each year as the beach is a truly romantic location.

The Sunbury Plantation house is another fascinating visit when in Barbados. The plantation house is an extremely historic area on the island as the area used to be an area where cotton was grown. The Sunbury Plantation House is over 300 years old and has endured several hurricanes and and a major fire. Some of the houses features may have burnt but the house did endure and still stands today. The house possesses many antiques inside from glassware to cutlery, and the vast gardens flaunts the magnitude of the house. When visiting Sunbury House you are taken back in time and you feel as though you have gone back in time. The plantation house also boast a 200 year old mahogany tree that marked the death of plantation owner John Barrow.

St Philip Church is one of the biggest structures in the parish and an incredible landmark. St Philip Church. The Church, like many others on the island, has been the subject of two horrendous hurricane’s that hit the island in 1780 and 1831. The Church was rebuilt in 1837, however, the Church was not free of turmoil as the in 1997 the Church dramatically caught on fire. The Church wasn’t completely ruined, however, renovations did have to be made to the Church. The Church now combines a stylistic structure and is a great area to visit when in St Philp

Overall, the parish of St Philip is extremely beautiful and a brilliant place to visit. The untapped natural beauty of Crane beach, the wonderful architecture of the Church, and the historic Sunbury house provide a lot to do in the parish making the area a must visit.

St Michael

St Michael is the location of the capital city and one of the most vibrant parishes on the island. The parish is always bustling with life with a whole different range of activities to partake in.

St Michael is home to the capital of Bridgetown. Bridgetown is a thriving area on the island and is an extremely popular place for tourists. The capital city is home to many different shops, markets, and restaurants for everyone to enjoy. One of the most fascinating spots on the island is the different markets in Bridgetown. The Cheapside market and the farmers market provide many of locals and tourists with a range of different, fresh produce available to many. Bridgetown is the most vibrant and active location on the island and a visit will immerse you in Bajan culture.

The Garrison is also a major area in St Michael. The Garrison area used to be a British military base and is extremely historic. The Garrison area is also home to the national museum which was formally a prison. The area is also home to the Garrison Savannah. The Garrison Savannah is a horse racing track on the island that plays host the the national Barbados cup. The Garrison Savannah is an excellent area on the island for horse racing as the historic garrisons area can be viewed whilst racing. The Garrison is a wonderful place on the island and you will definitely experience a great time when visiting.

St Michael is also home to the St Michaels Cathedral. St Michaels Cathedral was originally names the St Michaels Church, however, after several reconstructions the Church was later upgraded into a Cathedral. St Michaels Church commands the air in Bridgetown and is a beautiful location to visit, or even attend a service.

Overall, the parish of St Michael is extremely alive and a must visit for everyone on the island. St Michael is a hugely enjoyable parish, and definitely boasts the iconic Bajan atmosphere.

Christ Church

Christ Church is the southern most parish on the island. Christ Church is a lively parish and there are many locations in the parish that cater themselves to tourists.

One of the main areas in the parish of Christ Church is the fishing town Oistins. Oistins is one of the fishing hotspots on the island with the iconic fish fry Friday taking place without fail. The fish fry Friday allows for visitors and locals to come down to the island and enjoy the wonderful bajan delicacies. The Barbadan government has backed fishing on the island with money being spent on the fishing trade. The local produce sold on the market is essential for all residents and fishing is an extremely important source of food. Oistins also plays host to the annual fishing festival where people from all over the island get to try the vast amount of fish available.

Christ Church is also home to the St Lawrence gap. The St Lawrence Gap is known for it’s lively night-life with a range of different clubs on the strip, catering for all. St Lawrence Gap is an extremely vibrant area and if you are looking for a good time then St Lawrence Gap is the place to visit. During weekends the gap is particularly busy with residents form all over the island coming to the gap to have a good time. The gap is definitely lively and a great place to go and a landmark in the parish of Christ Church.

The Christ Church parish Church is the main building in the parish. The Church is well known throughout the island and a nice area to visit if you are looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of Oistins and the St Lawrence Gap. The Church was first built around 1629. The Church, like many others on the island, has been rebuilt many times due to the hurricanes on the island in 1780 and 1831. However, the Church has been reconstructed many times. The Church’s location is unrivalled by many Churches in the island, as the Church looks out onto the beautiful Oistins coast and is extremely visionary. The Church is a wonderful area and a great place to relax whilst in the energetic parish.

Overall, the parish of Christ Church is a wonderful place to visit, as you will definitely be electrified by the lively atmosphere. The parish is one of the most popular in the island and it is definitely recommended that you visit during your stay.


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