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Water Sports are extremely popular in Barbados. The ideal weather conditions and the powerful Atlantic Ocean ensures that a range of different activities can take place. Many of thhe islands visitors book their holiday around the different watersports that are available to participate in. Around the island there are various watersports that take place. From Surfing to Power boating Barbados has the water sport that you are looking for. The following shows the different Water sports that are available on the island:


The strong Atlantic Ocean provides a wonderful opportunity for many surfers. The East coast, has strong waves that Surfers of all skills enjoy. One of the most iconic sports on the island to go surfing is the village of Bathsheba. Bathsheba is home to the famous “Soup Bowl” surfing competition. The “Soup Bowl” takes place in November where the waves are at their highest as the wind blows in from the south. The event is extremely popular on the island with many of the residents attending the event. The “Soup Bowl” attracts a lot of international competitors to the island and is a brilliant time to visit the island as you are able to see the variety of different surfer riding the waves.

There are also other different areas on the island where surfing is possible. The other area on the island that is one of the most notable areas for surfing is the South coast. On the South coast the famous south point is another area on the island that is ideal for surfing. South Point has previously held surfing competitions and you will find many surfers hitting the waves during your visit. The Silver Sands Beach also allows for a wide range of different waves for surfers to hit. The waves on Silver Sands beach varies and can often be a surfers delight.

Overall, surfing is a hugely popular sport on the island with a wide variety of different people taking part in the sport. The excellent weather and crystalline waters create wonderful conditions for any surfers. If you are looking to base your holiday on surfing then there is no better place than Barbados.

Body Boarding

Body Boarding is an excellent activity to take part in whilst in Barbados. Body Boarding enables for a brilliant time on the island and what better time to learn than whilst on holiday. There are many places in the island that allows for you to rent a board, here you will be able to hit the waves. It is advises that you do take lessons in body boarding before you hit the waves. There are watersports professionals that will teach you how to do it on the island so you will be able to get boarding in no time. It is also important that you choose to body board on a beach that has a life guard. It is important that you stay safe whilst on the island and boy boarding on a beach with no life guard could potentially ruin you and your families holiday.

There are a wide variety of different locations on the island where you can body board. Locations such as Accra beach, Crane beach, and silver sands allows for great body boarding locations for any participant. Overall, Body boarding is an excellent


Snorkelling is another water-sport that is highly popular on the island with a variety of different tourist attractions offering the chance for visitors to partake in the activity. Attractions such as the Jolly Roger, and the various Catamaran tours offer participant the chance to go scuba diving in the ocean. Snorkelling is accessible throughout the island and a brilliant way to discover the beautiful underwater scenery. As with many of the watersports on the island it is important that you snorkel in an area where there is a lifeguard available to ensure that you are safe and secure when diving.

Overall snorkelling is a wonderful activity to partake in as many with a variety of different areas on the island offering equipment. Snorkelling is a brilliant activity for all and is definitely worth participating in when on the island.



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