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Why I Love Barbados

I first came to Barbados back in 2008. Stepping off the plane into the all encompassing heat I instantly knew. I had to live here. I made it my goal and can thankfully say that for the last 4 plus years I have been living in what truly is paradise.
Although I don’t love the heat, I’m not a big fan of fish and eating meat on the bone still gives me chills, I’ve made this place home. Here are just some of the reasons why I love Barbados;

The People
I don’t think you’ll ever find a more genuine, loyal, fun, caring and just all around lovely bunch of people. When a Bajan asks you how you are, trust me – it is meant from the bottom of their heart. When they give you directions or places to eat, it’s honest and meant because they genuinely want you to get where you are going or experience the best the island has to offer.

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The Scenery
Yes, the beaches are incredible, you just have to do a quick google search to find that out, but Barbados is much more than white sandy beaches. It’s ancient mahogany trees, rolling hills, rough shores, impressive cliffs and caves, tropical forests filled with delightfully charming monkeys and incredible underwater paradises. There are some stunning viewpoints on the island, Gun Hill, Cherry Tree Hill, Farley Hill and others to note. Get in a car. Drive and discover a whole island full of incredible views, not just the beaches.

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The History
If you ask anyone who is either from Barbados or who has spent a while here about their family history you will be regaled with stories of the old radio system, when the train track was here, how their family went off to help build the Panama canal. Every corner, every brick, every wrinkle is steeped in a rich, diverse history and culture. When you visit I urge you to go and spend an afternoon at a rum shop, play a game of dominoes and chat to the locals.

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The Food
Forget the rice and peas and ‘jerk chicken’. Visit in Novemeber and December when Barbados is full of local treats like conkies, jugjug, roast ham and all the trimmings. The months of Independence and Christmas are filled with all the deliciousness the season should hold. Macaroni pie is NOT just mac and cheese, it’s sticky rich and uber good with any meat or fish. Come with an empty belly and leave feeling full of great food, happy memories and a longing for breadfruit!

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