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There are many different animals that are situated around Barbados. The tropical climate is home to many different animals, and will definitely open your eyes, if you choose to venture inland.

One of the animals that are situated are the Green Monkeys. Most of the Green Monkeys are situated inland, in the Barbados Wildlife Reserve. Many of the Monkeys draw a lot of attention from tourists with many of the monkeys receiving gifts, such as Bananas and other food. Many of the Wildlife Reserves visitors are able to see the monkeys play and care for their offspring. However, you do have to keep hold of your valuable possesions as the monkeys are cheeky and will try and steal your bag. The green monkeys are one of the main attractions in Barbados Wildlife Reserve and it is definitely worth visiting them.

Turtles are also an important animal in Barbados. Turtle Beach is another name for Barbados’s Bottom Beach. Turtle Beach frequently inhabits many turtles as many come in inshore to lay their eggs. Turtles play a big part in Bottom beach as a lot of attention is draw to them. The main type of Turtles on the island are Leatherback and Hawksbeak turtles. These turtles are well protected and monitored throughout the island. Many of the locals love turtles with many locals feeding the turtles, and making sure that their nest is safe. Many of the Turtles in Barbados are relatively tame and used to humans. There are many opportunities to swim with the turtles as they usually stay in the same area. What better way to enjoy your time at Barbados than a leisurely swim with one of the oldest species alive. If you are lucky you maybe able to see the baby Turtles hatching. Turtles come out of the sea and lay eggs on the beach. Usually the eggs hatch at night so if you are lucky you may be able to see the nest, or baby Turtles making their way to sea.

Another rare species that inhabits Barbados is the Threadsnake. The threadsnake is a blind snake and is currently the smallest species of snake that exists. Threadsnakes measure in at 10.4 cm and it has said that the snakes are “As thin as spaghetti.” This species of snake are only found in Barbados and it has said that it feeds of insect larvae, especially the larvae of Ants and Termites found in the soil. The snake is ridiculously small and hard to spot in the area of Barbados. The snake is smaller than a coin and is definitely hard to spot.

One of Barbados’s most adored inhabitant is the famous Flying Fish. The Flying fish is a local delicacy and is revered around the country, with many different statues and pieces of art being painted. Barbados is also known as “The land of the Flying Fish.” The Flying Fish is a remarkable creature as it’s most remarkable feature is it’s pectoral fins which are extremely large and enable the fish to leap out of the water and glide. The Flying Fish moves it’s tail a total of 70 times per second and many of the fishes glide for a total of 50 meters. This exaggerating trait enables the fish to escape form predators, and has caused the local residents of Barbados to call the fish their own. The fish also provides Barbados with a signature dish. Flying Fish and Cou Cou is a national dish in Barbados and is a must try for any holiday makers or tourists.

Barbados, is a particular safe country with not many animals being deadly or harmful. However, there are some animals that visitors need to look out for. The main worry for many is mosquitoes. Mosquitoes can be incredible pests, and the necessary precautions need to take place in for them not to become a nuisance. Another pest that can occur island is the giant Centipedes. These creatures can be found in land, and it is advised that you do not pick them up, and you leave them alone as they can bite.

Overall, Barbados is rich with animals that are incredible to behold. Barbados is proud of their wildlife, and the reserve shows the true dedication that the locals have for their wildlife. Barbados has very few dangerous animals, and the scenery should be admired.


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