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St Michael's Cathedral

St Michaels Cathedral is located in Bridgetown and is one of the most beautiful locations on the island. The Cathedral was originally built in 1628 however, it was built again in 1641 as the previous Church’s wood had rotted. The Church was again built out of wood, and was extremely small compared to the structure today. This also provided a problem as the population was increasing at a growing rate in the capital. The Church was finding it hard to fit everyone in the Church, so after the Church was destroyed in 1780, building a new, bigger Church was the priority.

The new Church was built in 1784 at he cost of 10,000 pounds which was raised by the islanders. The Church was a lot more grandiloquent than it’s predecessors and it enabled for 3000 people to be seated. The building was made of stone and the building was officially dedicated to Saint Michael in 1789. The building had some striking elements about it such as the arched ceiling, and exceptional carpentry.

There have also been many alterations to the Cathedral since it’s rebuilding in 1784. A clock has been included as well as stout square tower and buttresses that have been added to the building.

The Cathedral also has a wide variety of different stories that are attached to it. Back in the early days the then Church was adopted by Barbados’s elite society, and the poorer black workers were unable to attend services whilst the white people were in the Church. This did not please the black workers who stood outside on the street so they could hear the sermons. The alleyway is still known as “Amen alley” by many of the residents on the island.

Overall, St Michaels Cathedral is one of the most beautiful structures on the island as it commands over the city of Bridgetown. The Cathedral is extremely historic as the courtyards and paths are made from the tombstones that were damaged in the hurricane of 1831. The Church has an excellent history, however, the Cathedral is also in need of some refurbishment as it has definitely been weathered over the years. There is no doubting that the Cathedral is a stunning location on the island and a definite must visit.


Name: St Michael's Cathedral
Location: St Micheal's Cathedral, St Michael

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