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History and Brief Introduction

Bridgetown is the capital and largest city in Barbados with a population of 98,511. Bridgetown is an amazing city, with their iconic Bridgetown market being set up for the famous Crop Over festival. Bridgetown, attracts a huge number of tourists with an array of different hotels and tourist hot spots. The weather in Bridgetown is usually hot all year round, however, it is during January-June where Bridgetown get the hottest weather. Bridgetown was called “Indian Bridge”after the large bridge (now called Careenage) was built over the water. The City was later called the “Town of St Michael” after later being named Bridgetown.

Points Of Interest

Bridgetown is home to a variety of different points of interest. The following shows some of the amazing activities that take place in Bridgetown, over the course of the year:

Garrison Savannah-Barbados Turf Club

The Garrison Savannah is Barbados’s premium horse racing arena. The club was established in 1905, and has been the home of horse racing in Barbados since 1845. Garrison Savannah organises three seasons of racing per year. Garrison Savannah has about 25 meetings per year running from January to April (Spring Season) May to September (Summer season) and from November to December (Winter Season.)

The Garrison Savannah is a “Must Visit” for any horse racing enthusiasts. The locals use the horse racing as an excuse for an array of different entertainment and festivals. Garrison Savannah attracts thousands of spectators and the local Bridgetown locals love sharing their sports with visitors receiving a warm welcome during most meetings. The Garrison Savannah isn’t just for adults. The whole family can enjoy the wonderful food and drink available to. Visitors attending the meeting can choose to stand or sit and enjoy a “Picnic like” atmosphere.


Starvronikita is one of the worlds most beautiful diving spots, with thousands of diving enthusiasts travelling each year to see the wonders of the shipwreck. The Starvronikita is a magnificent structure and many regard it as pone of the most iconic points of interest in Bridgetown. Divers can journey through the ships cabins and explore the different features of the shipwreck. The Starvronikita is definitely in any dive enthusiasts bucket list, and the feature definitely solidifys Barbados’s place as one of the most beautiful islands in the world.

Kensington Oval

The Kensington Oval is one of the most iconic cricket stadiums in the world. The West Indies cricket team is one of the most successful team s in the world and the Kensington Oval is one of the main stadiums that they play in. The stadium has “Ultra Modern” facilities and features many different events ranging from the ICC cricket world cup 2007, to Rihanna’s “Diamonds tour 2013.”The oval is a major attraction and will please any cricket fans in the family.

Barbados Parliament Building

The Barbados Parliament building is one of the most beautiful and oldest buildings in the world. Barbados’s parliament boasts a 350 year heritage that only Bermuda and the UK can match. The Parliament building has a museum that welcomes visitors to look around and see the amazing historic Bajan sites. The parliament building is an amazing structure and it is definitely worth a look around for anyone visiting the island.

Cheapside Market and Swan Street

Cheapside market is one of the premier locations in Bridgetown. You will often find a lot of hustle and bustle around cheapside market. Some Bajan vendors set their stalls up as early as 6am to showcase their products. Cheapside is the place to be if you are interested in the local produce. Produce such as: Sweet Potatoes, Yams, Eddos, Breadfruits, Green Bananas, and Cassavas are all sold at Cheapside Market. The day that Bridgetown is really heaving is on a Saturday. On a Saturday many of the locals flock to the market as most of the produce is sold at a reasonable price. During this time the market is at it’s most vibrant with the friendly locals gathering around for their produce.

Swan Street is the place to go if you want a real taste of Bajan hustle and bustle. Swan Street is an extremely chaotic area with a number of small businesses and wayward vendor trying to sell their produce. The produce on Swan Street is a lot cheaper than produce in the stores, with deals on fabric, household items, Jewellery, shoes, clothes, and lots more.

There is so much more to Bridgetown than the attractions just mentions. Each year thousands of people book their holidays in Bridgetown. Bridgetown offers so much, and enables tourists to experience the true Bajan way of life. There are a variety of different hotels located in Bridgetown, which can be seen under the accommodation section of the site.


Name: Bridgetown
Location: Bridgetown, St Michael

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