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Holetown History Holetown is another beautiful Bajan town. The town is the third-largest town in Barbados and is a busy, modern hub for the local tourist industry. The settlement was given its name after English Captain John Powell had anchored off the small natural harbour which was later labled Holetown. The tiny inlay where boats can harbour gave the settlement the name“Holetown.” Back in Britain, Powel reported his discovery to his employer, Sir William Courteen, a famous Anglo-Dutch merchant. Courteen showed instant intrigue in Holetown, and Courteen sent out an expedition of 80 settlers and a group of African slaves. Courteen headed the expedition as they sailed to “Holetown.” More settlers followed Courteen, with many setting up crops of cotton, ginger and tobacco. The settlers soon found out how to utilize the soil using methods taught by the Arawak Indians brought over especially from Guyana. There is still a commemorative monument in Holetown on the forecourt of the towns police station.
It is clear to see that Holetown has a lot of history, and a visit there will provide you with an amazing landscape as well as a town busting with Bajan culture. St James’s Church There are still some buildings that date from the 17th Century located in Holetown, most notably the church of St James. The church is a marvel to behold as it is immaculately sparkling both inside and out. The Church was erected almost 250 years ago and was entirely created out of wood. However, the church was later replaced by a stone church in 1680. In 1871 the Church became extremely damaged by after a hurricane hit the island. However, this was the perfect opportunity to extend the Church with extended arches and columns being added. However, in the 1980’s it was restored to what it is today. The Church has a Muriel of Sir John Gay Alleyne who was a famous speaker in the House of assembly. Sir John was (and still is) a revered man in Barbados. He was labelled an aristocrat and was succeeded in making the Barbodos parliament a much more effective instrument of government. Sir John believed in the freedom of speech and is rightfully recognised as a symbol of Barbados, with him being remembered in the St James’s Church. St James’s Church includes many beautiful features.
One of the main features inside the Church is an iconic old font and bell with the words “God Bless King William, 1696” engraved on them. This shows the wonderful history that Holetown possesses, and the Church is a must visit for any holiday makers staying in Holetown. Holetown Festival One of the main events that takes place in Holetown, is the annual Holetown festival. The Holetown festival takes place around the same time the British settlers came to the island on February 17, 1627. Many different visitors arrange their holidays and short breaks around the festival, as it is a big event not only in the parish of St James, but the whole of Barbados. The festival starts at the Holetown monument and celebrations run through the whole week. The festival includes many different activities such as Historical lectures, concerts, Calypso dancing, beauty contests, street parade with band, and fashion shows (to name a few.)
The Holetown festival really does provide any visitor with the authentic Bajan atmosphere . The streets come alive, as you will find yourself wasting hours in the beautiful Holetown streets. You will definitely be enthralled by the Holetown festival, as it is one of Barbados’s defining events. Shopping and Leisure Holetown also provides many different spots for shopping. The Sunset Crest shopping centre is a large shopping area on the east side of the highway. Immerse yourself in the hustle and bustle of the Bajan shopping centre, as goods ranging from liquor, to T-shirts. Sunset Crest is labelled by some travellers as the largest shopping area outside of Bridgetown with many visiting the mall. The shopping mall includes: a small department store (Cave Shepherd), café, bank, travel agent, photo shop and gift shops. There are also an array of different restaurants located in Holetown.

The following are some of the top restaurants in the area. These restaurants will provide you with an amazing meal with great service:
The Tides The Tides is one of the best restaurants in the Holetown area. The Hotel offers guests many different sea-side table, and provides excellent customer service with many of the restaurant’s staff offering to park your car for you. The atmosphere of the restaurant has also been praised as the staff are attentive but not “In your face.” The prices range from £1-£64 and is excellent for Romantic, business, local cuisine, and special occasion dining. Lemongrass Lemongrass is situated in a Holetown shopping mall. The food at Lemongrass is high quality and guests are able to view a spectacular waterfall while dining. Lemongrass is definitely worth going to for a excellent meal at a reasonable price. Literally nothing can go wrong with this restaurant.

Cafe Bar Carizma The Cafe Bar Carizma is quite hidden as it is located at the back of the chattels, however, the food is simply sublime at this Holetown restaurant. Guests will not be disappointed with the food at the café with many reviews stating that it provides the best food in Barbados! The Cafe Bar Carizma is a simply wonderful place to eat and with prices from £1-£10 (and a certificate of excellence,) it is definitely worth visiting.

Holetown Beach The Holetown beach is an extremely popular beach located in the vicinity of Holetown. The beach includes crystal clear waters with many different visitors and locals taking to the sea for a variety of different water-sports. Water-sports such as Swimming, and snorkelling are extremely popular on the beach with many different holiday makers basking in the beautiful Barbados weather. The beach includes a beach bar and various different vendors selling refreshments and goods. Caution!

Barbados is generally a safe place if you are careful. The main dangers is the sea. The Holetwon beach does allow swimming, however, you do have to be careful. Do not swim out if you are not a strong swimmer and stay within the buoys that are marked out. Another potential danger is the islands Manchineel Tree and its fruits. These trees are particularly dangerous if touched, as blisters can occur on the skin. It is also important that you don’t touch any liquid running off the trees as it may also cause blisters.


Name: Holetown
Location: Holetown, St James

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