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Speightstown is one of the major towns in Barbados. Speightstown is rich in history and boasts an array of different architecture. Speightstown was founded by Willliam Speight and was Barbados’s premium export destination. One of Speightstown’s most significant features is it’s wonderful port. The town appears quite and sleepy to the naked eye, however, when the locals arrive to shop, this silence is instantly broken. The town becomes instantly alive with Bajan culture, as many of the different locals clamber for their goods. Speightstown is a marvel to behold, and with it’s wooden houses and Church, it makes a perfect getaway for any holiday maker. The town is one of Barbados’s most popular destinations with people from all around the globe travelling to Speighstown for their vacations. The town boasts many different hotels which provide guests with impeccable service. The following shows the main features of the town, and the best places to see:

The Port

The Speightstown port is a wonder to behold. The port boasts a strong heritage as the port was used during the slave trade with massive shipments of sugar being transported. The port has eventually been restored by the Barbados National Trust and now provides a marvellous setting for any tourist.

Rum Shop

Rum is extremely popular in Barbados. The iconic Mount Gay rum is world renowned and Speightstown boasts a rum shop for you to enjoy. The rum shop will enable you to get to know the locals and enjoy the local specialty. You will find your self spending hours in the rum shop submersing yourself in the beauty of Speightstown.

St Peter’s Parish Church

St Peter’s church is one of the oldest parishes in Barbados, and is a beautiful setting for any holiday maker. The church boasts a wooden gallery entitled “Poor whites.” This name originated from the poor English, Irish, and Scottish, who were imported and made to work on the sugar plantation with the slaves. The church is immaculate, and you will fall in love with the beauty and history of the church that is dated from 1630.

Speightstown is a beautiful location in Barbados, and it is definitely worth a visit as you will be draw by its beautiful tranquil setting. The towns history is amazing. The town was extremely important to the English during the slave trade. The town’s dock was heaving as the majority of sugar was transported from Speightstown. The English built many different outposts to protect Speightstown, however, little remains of them. Speightstown really is an amazing place. Whether you have booked a hotel are are travelling from a different part of the county, Speightstown will blow you away!



Name: Speightstown
Location: Speightstown, St Peter

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