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The weather in Barbados is generally sunny throughout the year. However, Barbados does have rain seasons throughout the year. The leisurely atmosphere of the island is reflected in the mostly benevolent climate and temperatures. The average temperature in Barbados is 27 degrees Celsius (80 degrees Fahrenheit.) The temperature in Barbados is hottest in August with temperatures hitting the 30 degrees Celsius mark. It is usually coolest in February, however, rain is rare in February, with the majority of rainfall taking place in August and November.

The rain in Barbados can be quite sporadic at times, with rain storms coming and going quickly. However, during the time between June to November the downpours can become more intense as it is the hurricane season. However, Barbados is pretty luck when it come to Hurricanes, with many just passing by the island and heading north. The annual rainfall averages about 60 inches a year and increases with altitude. However, the sun regularly makes an appearance with a cloudy day being a rarity.

The Weather in Barbados is noting short of spectacular. Many different holiday makers will bask in the tropical weather, with a cool hypnotizing breeze hitting their faces. The weather literally creates a paradise for the visitor, with many tourists placing the weather as a main vocal point for their Barbados vacation.


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